Howie Combrink Releases ‘Believe’

Singer/songwriter Howie Combrink teams up with RADA Unearthed to create beautiful ballad ‘Believe’.

The core of RADA’s healing process – a non-profit company for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse – is the principle that people are entirely responsible for and accountable to themselves. The goal is to eliminate social safety nets and instead give people the tools they need to grow themselves.

Unlike his previous solo material, Howie decided to get producer Rici Martins (AKA SEVVEN – also a RADA Unearthed featured artist) involved on this one, which really helped grow and expand his sound. Philosophical in nature, Rici added a dynamism to not only Howie’s eclectic sound, but his deep-seated lyrics as well.

‘Believe’ forms part of an 18-track South African pop compilation released through RADA Unearthed. Staying true to their vision, they continually strive to assist artists from all genres of music. The aim is to fundamentally change the face of South African music in the way it is perceived, packaged and delivered to South Africa and to the rest of the world.

RADA Unearthed offers a full solution to artists ranging from a state-of-the-art recording studio, a full marketing package as well as world class live events and festivals.

– Music Link