March 2020: Taxi and road rage awareness month

The road is long …navigate it with LOVE!

They say you should never judge a person until you’ve walked a day in their shoes.

At RADA, one of our objectives is to help shift people’s perspectives and create a better understanding for those around us through various monthly campaigns.

For the month of March we focus on taxi drivers and daily commuters and the issues that lead to road rage. RADA’s purpose here is to showcase the strenuous working conditions of taxi drivers as well as the hardships faced by commuters who use these services on a daily basis.

How? RADA held its third annual Taxi Dash, in which high profile personalities undertook an “Amazing Race” style dash across the cityusing only a taxi for transport. The aim was to have them experience a daily commute, navigating their way across the city, with a very limited budget, whilst still keeping their cool. Bear in mind that many had never used a minibus taxi service before.

This was an eye-opening experience for many, who were left astonished and with a little more grace for those sharing the roads.

Comedian Virgil Prins says, “The RADA Taxi Dash gives great insight into the unique commuting experience (born out of necessity to provide for the working class) to get to work and back daily. Taxis, though not the most convenient mode of transport, fill the gap. It is more affordable and often travels routes that buses and trains would otherwise not go. The people who use taxis are the people who keep this country functioning. They are a integral part of this country and its economy.”

DJ Tinkz adds, “This was such an eye-opening experience for me and I have a new found respect for commuters that use public transport daily. You don’t realise how different taxi routes work and that they only go certain places. In a car it is so simple. This was such a great learning experience and the amount of fun and laughter just added to it all.”

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