RADA adopted a home of safety for abandoned, abused and orphaned children in Orange Farm. The SAPS in Orange Farm, specifically the children protection unit, approached RADA for assistance.

The Thato KeMatla Safety and Foster Home (“Thato KeMatla”), houses 35 orphaned and/or abandoned children from birth up to 18 years. Most of the children do not qualify for government grants, leaving it up to the home to raise funds and secure sponsorships for ongoing need for food, clothing and general necessities on a monthly basis. RADA has undertaken to support Thato KeMatla through the RADA Adopt-a-Home Project.

Our time with Thato KeMatla

RADA adopted Thato KeMatla in June 2016 and there have been significant improvements since then. Along with our sponsors we initially set about improving the infrastructure of the home, fixing anything that could potentially be dangerous and painting to improve the appearance. We then added comfort to the home in the form of new orthopedic mattresses and linen, scarves and beanies for each child. We did our first year end party for the home, taking the children to fun valley for a day playing and swimming outside.

We continued to renovate the property by repaving the walkways, screening to improve the drainage system and installing a washing line. All the electrics in the house were rewired, doors on the property replaced and a security gate installed on Disebo’s office door. Inside the house the kitchen has been redone, bedroom cupboards have been repaired, curtains and curtain rails put in and new cutlery and crockery purchased. Heaters were installed in every room, toys and clothes were donated and a small library was established in the home. The outside of the building was then repainted branded with the RADA logo. Between RADA and sponsors we also provided a significant amount of food to the home over the year, and a certain amount each month was guaranteed.

During the year children were treated to a number of fun days, they were taken to the VS Gaming festival which they had a great time at playing, watching and even getting to meet some of their favourite celebrities. We had a sponsor bring a day of fun and activates to the home while doing renovations inside and also took the children to Bucksies Resort for the annual year end party.

At the start of 2018 RADA did a stationary drive for the children at Thato KeMatla and reached our goal thanks to the very quick action of our RADA Angels. We were able to take supplies down to the home for all of the children ranging from glitter for the young children to calculators for the older ones. We then managed to secure a new, more comprehensive food sponsorship and a monthly stipend for the care givers.
In April Thato KeMatla received a large donation of gifts and necessities from a new sponsor. The children each getting new toys and clothes, gifts boxes for the staff and goods for the home.

To see our list of contributions and what is still needed please visit our Wishlist page.

A look at the goings on at a recent visit to the Thato KeMatla Orphanage, renovations were done to the home while the children were treated to a day of fun activities. There was face painting, arts and crafts, drumming and a special performance by two of the RADA Unearthed Vol. 1 artists, Ashlinn Gray and Howie Combrink. Special thanks to Howie Combrink for sharing this video from his blog.

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