The RADA Adopt-an-Orphanage Project provides assistance to existing homes of safety for abused and abandoned children.

What type of assistance does the RADA Adopt-an-Orphanage Project provide?

RADA will provide food, clothing and bedding, educational games, books, personal development courses and basic necessities.

The RADA team will support homes of safety provided the community and RADA work together to improve circumstances – RADA and/or the community does not wish to create a sense of entitlement and/or dependency – we focus on empowerment where people are given the opportunity to better their lives on their own (with a little help from RADA, we will walk the journey together).

Opportunities will be created by RADA where the community and/or the people staying in the homes of safety shall be able to pay forward the benefit received.

Which communities are earmarked for the RADA Adopt-an-Orphanage Project?

There is a dire need for homes of safety in South Africa. The aim is to assist all communities within South Africa. RADA will commence with the Gauteng Province and will expand to surrounding Provinces once the processes and procedures of the strategy are proficient.

RADA works closely with the Community Leaders, the Youth Desk, the SAPS, the Community Police Forums and the MEC for Community and Safety Gauteng. The relationships forged allow RADA to be proficient and effective in the mission to uplift and empower the communities we work with.

What is the purpose of implementing the RADA Adopt-an-Orphanage Project?

Simply put – to give hope and love to a child.

What is the aim of the RADA Adopt-an-Orphanage Project?

The aim is to create a long-term sustainable environment of peace, compassion and safety that will provide a stepping stone to the empowerment of the self.

To encourage, enable and educate the children within the homes of safety to improve their circumstances and keep the dreams of the children alive.

To work with communities to create opportunities to better the lives of the children and the community itself.

Orhanage Projects:

Orange Farm

RADA recently adopted a home of safety for abandoned, abused and orphaned children in Orange Farm.
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