In March 2018, RADA launched the RADA Inspire campaign with the aim of shifting perspective across various social issues and creating a level of self-awareness among people.

It has been an eye-opening and challenging task, one that couldn’t have been achieved without the coming together and unity of the RADA family, which is why for the month of June, we want to honour and encourage people to celebrate and reach out to their family.

Over the course of the campaign, RADA has created awareness around taxi and driver behaviour on the roads, people’s attitudes towards those in the service industry as well as the very serious and prominent concern of bullying in schools, the workplace and even online.

At the heart of all these themes and the RADA Inspire campaign is the value for oneself and others. The campaign itself is based on the premise that one person can make a difference. All it takes is to do one small thing differently daily and by improving, you raise your resonance, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Growing up the first lessons in relationships we share, are those with family. It teaches us respect and responsibility for each other. In a strict sense, when people use the term family, they refer to biological relations, but at RADA, we consider family to be those closest to you.

We recognise that people cannot live solitary lives and that the love and support of family vastly adds to our quality of life. Respect, tolerance and understanding of others is critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.

This June, RADA wants to encourage people to recognise the value of family and reach out to loved ones, despite past grievances. To understand that the only way to create empathy among people in the world, is to start with those closest to you and empower others to do the same.

Over the course of family month, RADA will engage in the planning, conceptualisation and building of a new home for Disebo and her family. Disebo runs the Thato KeMatla Orphanage in Orange Farm and is an integral part of the RADA family.

Top tips:

  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Say ‘thank you’ to family when they do something for you and encourage a culture of gratitude
  • Start your day with a ‘Good Morning’ message or funny text, reminding loved ones that you are there
  • Say ‘I love you’
  • Listen to loved ones when they talk
  • Give hugs
  • When in conversation, talk positive about your family, building them up instead of breaking them down
  • Be tolerant and forgiving
  • Be respectful to others and their feelings
  • Spread positivity