In March this year, RADA launched the RADA Inspire movement, making significant strides in shifting people’s perspective, encouraging people to look outside their own physical situation and, perhaps for a moment, imagine walking in someone else’s shoes.

Over the last seven months, the RADA Inspire campaign has cast light on subject matter such as taxi and driver behaviour on the road, the treatment of service industry workers, bullying across schools and the workplace, family appreciation, winter comfort, women’s issues and lastly, a look into and the celebration of our heritage and culture.

As we move into October, RADA shifts its focus to drugs and alcohol, an integral part of the non-profit and its core function. RADA was started to combat issues around addiction and abuse. The brainchild of J-P Nobrega, RADA is an acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse and aims to empower people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

We at RADA are of the belief that you cannot judge someone based on their actions, because you never know their circumstance. That being said, we believe everyone has choice and no matter your background or history, everyone has the power within to overcome and rise above. The RADA approach to renewal is based on the premise that people are entirely responsible for and accountable to themselves.

RADA’s aim is to empower people to make informed and wise decisions, educating the youth of South Africa and giving them the tools to be their best self.

Sadly however, drug consumption in South Africa is twice the world norm, with 15% of the population reported to have a drug problem and 30% an alcohol problem. Additionally 60% of crimes nationally are related to substance abuse.

Nobrega says,

“The statistics around addiction and abuse are horrifying. But something that seems to get lost is the impact these addictions have on our community. The fact of the matter is that addiction fuels crime and 60% of crimes in South Africa are related to substance abuse.”

RADA wants to break the cycle and it starts with you. Each and every one of us has the power to make wiser, more responsible decisions and ultimately lead fulfilled lives – spreading positivity through our actions.

RADA has spent the last three years or more putting the strategic, financial and business building blocks in place to ensure that we take significant steps towards ensuring a thriving South Africa. RADA is already taking positive, meaningful and effective action with the generous help of ordinary citizens. Let’s continue to stand together and be the change.

Top tips for taking personal responsibility:

  • Forgive yourself
  • Do not pass the blame
  • Take accountability for your actions
  • Recognise the problem and devise a solution
  • Stop focusing on the negative and highlight the positive
  • Act, don’t react
  • Stop complaining and take action

Be the Way. Be the Change. One day at a time.