RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project

What is RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project?

The RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project provides the sponsor with the opportunity to empower individuals through education.

Why should I sponsor a trainee?

Why not sponsor a trainee? Through sponsorship you are giving individuals the opportunity to grow and upskill themselves, particularly those who would not previously have had such an opportunity. By empowering individuals through education, you play a role in them becoming workplace ready (i.e. having the skills that prepare a person to seek or obtain employment and to assist in keeping their jobs once they are hired).

How does the trainee benefit?

The trainee benefits by attending training they may not previously have been able to attend. Each course is designed to promote personal development skills (such as self-awareness, self-responsibility, stress and time management). Additionally, the training courses focus on work-place skills (skills required to maintain and keep a job once placed) and work-readiness skills (skills required to secure a job such as CV writing and interview skills). The workplace skills include conducting yourself in the workplace, dressing appropriately, what to expect and how to achieve personal goals.

Which courses are offered for sponsorship?

RADA Training Academy has a variety of training courses geared towards empowering individuals by focusing on personal development and work-readiness skills. View All Courses Here

How is a trainee chosen?

We have a database of potential trainees in need of sponsorship that can be placed on a training course. Should you already have someone in mind whom you wish to sponsor, please contact us so that we can start the process.

What makes the Sponsor-a-Trainee Project different?

As a sponsor, you get to choose your level of involvement. We will gladly provide regular updates on the sponsored trainee’s progress and involve you as much as you would like to be involved. Through your sponsorship you automatically become a RADA Angel and will receive regular updates on the work that RADA is currently doing.

How to become a sponsor?

RADA Training Academy welcomes all and any involvement, contributions and or donations towards the RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project. Please contact one of our facilitators on 0861 48 48 48 or e-mail info@radatraining.co.za for more information.

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