RADA Subsidised Training

What is the RADA Subsidised Training Project?

The RADA Subsidised Training is an initiative whereby RADA Training Academy gives back to the community through subsidising certain of its trainings. The intention is that subsidised individuals who complete trainings pay it forward by supporting others through, for example, mentoring other trainees, and or donating towards the RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project. RADA Training Academy aims to empower individuals who are motivated to do what it takes to improve themselves.

What is the purpose of the RADA Subsidised Training Project?

The purpose is to empower individuals. Subsidised training allows individuals who may previously not have been able to afford the opportunity, to attend training at a reduced price.

All the subsidised training courses focus on work-readiness skills, self-awareness and self-responsibility and are designed with the aim to empower trainees.

Which training courses does RADA Training Academy subsidise?

RADA Training Academy subsidises training which provide trainees with personal development skills, including the necessary tools to give them an advantage in their endeavours to secure employment. The training courses include: Become a Call Centre Agent; Advanced Interview Skills; Work-Readiness Skills; Communication Skills and Career Development.

Who qualifies for the subsidised trainings?

Any individual who has the desire to upskill themselves qualifies.

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