RADA Subsidised Training

What is the RADA Subsidised Training and Placement Project?

The RADA Subsidised Training and Placement Project is an initiative whereby RADA Training Academy gives back to the community through subsidising certain of its trainings. The intention is that subsidised individuals who complete trainings pay it forward by supporting others through, for example, mentoring other trainees, or donating towards the RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project. RADA Training Academy aims to empower individuals who are motivated to do what it takes to improve themselves. Wherever possible, RADA Training Academy will assist individuals with job placements, provide coaching in preparation for interviews, and offer additional support once they have been placed. Simply put, we subsidise the trainings and try and place trainees in a job.

What is the purpose of the RADA Subsidised Training and Placement Project?

The purpose is to empower individuals. Subsidising the trainings allows individuals to attend trainings at a reduced price who may previously not have been able to afford the opportunity. All the subsidised trainings focus on work-readiness skills, self-awareness and self-responsibility. The RADA Training Academy facilitators offer ongoing assistance to willing individuals. The skills are designed to empower trainees and assist them to secure and maintain a job.

How does RADA Training Academy assist with placements?

RADA Training Academy collaborates with corporates that are seeking to recruit new employees. Additional training is available and RADA Training Academy provides ongoing support post placement. A reduced placement fee is charged to corporates on the successful placement of a trainee and this is reinvested into the project.

Which trainings does RADA Training Academy subsidise?

RADA Training Academy subsidises trainings which provide trainees with personal development skills, including the necessary tools to give them an advantage in their endeavours to secure employment. All of the trainings drive the message of self-responsibility and self-awareness. The trainings are designed to empower those who attend and are aimed at preparing individuals for the workplace, they include: Become a Call Centre Agent; Waitron Training; Advanced Interview Skills; Receptionist Skills; Work-Readiness Skills; Communication Skills and Career Development.

Who qualifies for the subsidised trainings?

Any individual who has the desire to upskill themselves qualifies.

What makes the RADA Subsidised Training and Placement Project different?

The RADA Subsidised Training and Placement project is designed to positively influence individuals and equip them with the skills to succeed in the workplace and support them in finding employment. We offer placement fees at a low rate which is reinvested into the project. Ongoing support and mentorship is provided at no additional cost to all trainees. The facilitators focus on the message of self-responsibility and social-responsibility encouraging successful trainees to give back through “paying it forward” and supporting other individuals so they too may attend the training.

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