There are many libraries across the country that offer a fantastic selection of books, however not everyone can access them easily.

We aim to assist the people who could benefit most from having such a facility developed in their area as their ability to travel is limited. RADA has a specific aim of developing RADA Reading Corners in the heart of communities such as in schools and community centres. Enhancing these centres and providing more activities for the children will bring greater purpose and enjoyment for those involved.

The RADA Reading Corners will be stocked with both educational and recreational books to cater for a larger audience. Reading novels allow people to immerse themselves in another world, to expand their minds and help them dream. Educational books provide the opportunity for people to educate themselves where that opportunity may not otherwise exist including access to additional learning material. The RADA Reading Corners will offer a variety of textbooks and workbooks ranging from Science, History, Geography, Biology, Mathematics and others so that if a person has the desire to learn, the opportunity is there.

The RADA Diepkloof Community Centre Reading Corner

The first RADA Reading Corner has been established at the Diepkloof Community Centre and has been well received. Many school children make use of the RADA Reading Corner in the afternoon whether it is to study, complete their homework, or just to relax in the environment.