Alcohol & Drug Centre:

  • The centre will cater for a full rehabilitation programme.
  • There will be separate facilities for age groups and genders.


Rape Centre:

  • Offices for the SAP Detectives to take the first report of the person.
  • District Surgeon and secure facilities for storage of rape kits.
  • Clinical Psychologists and/or Senior Social Worker(s) to assist victims.

Abuse Centre:

  • Focus on people that have been removed from an abusive environment.
  • Will include Social Welfare Officers.

Business Centre:

  • Lecture rooms for practical training sessions.
  • Upliftment of communities.
  • Provide employment.

The RADA Renewal Centre will adopt an integrated and holistic approach in addressing the needs of a rape and/or abused victim under one roof through highly skilled and qualified professionals.

The development of the centre is based on a five-year plan which has already commenced with a smaller facility currently operating in Bryanston (Transformation Development Centre & RADA).

We plan for RADA to become the “911” of these issues in order for ALL South Africans to automatically know where to go to without thought to acquire the necessary assistance.

Our drug and alcohol renewal facilities will have accommodation facilities available because these patients require 24-hour care. Safehouses for abused women and children are also required. All accommodation will include separate areas for different gender and age groups.

Patients will be able to claim from medical aids. Each Professional working at RADA will have a practice number recognised by the medical aids.

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