Please note that RADA is an Approved Public Benefit Organisation (“PBO”) and a registered Non-Profit Company (“NPC”).

What does this mean?
An Approved PBO allows RADA to issue a donation certificate in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 (“the Act”) that allows the donation to RADA to qualify as a deduction from your taxable income. Simply put – you donate to RADA – you qualify for a taxation benefit.

Bank account details

Bank: First National Bank
Account: 624 384 278 42
Branch code: 25 06 55
Type: Business Account

Why should I support RADA?

Why not support RADA?
We provide a practical large scale solution to a problem that has plagued the country for far too long and will continue to stunt the economic and social welfare of South Africa. Core to our values is to teach self -responsibility and self- respect. By helping RADA you are helping yourself.

Furthermore, you qualify for a taxation benefit granted to you by the South African Revenue Services (“SARS”) in terms of Section 18A of the Act.

How do I get a taxation benefit?
RADA is an Approved PBO in terms of Section 18A of the Act.
The RADA PBO number is 9300 486 28. Donate an amount and submit your details to RADA to receive your donation certificate. Claim the amount of the donation made to RADA against your taxable income and submit the donation certificate as proof thereof.

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We intend on becoming a sustainable service provider

The main concern regarding a service provider is whether a market exists for the particular service being offered. Based on the statistics, South Africa is seen as the world’s rape capital and one of the world’s drug capitals. Abuse amongst teenagers and young adults is rife. Substance abuse is argued to have a strong causal link to physical abuse. There is no doubt that the market exists.

We do acknowledge that a key step is ensuring that the service provided is beneficial as it is believed that drug rehabilitation centres have a success rate of below 3% according to commentators.

The combination of RADA’s proactive and reactive techniques taking into account the holistic view adopted in healing will achieve a success rate substantially higher than that of 3%. RADA is operating on a small scale with a solid success rate. The idea is to spread the RADA offering across the country so that people can benefit ON SCALE.

The marketing of RADA is a key component to underpinning the success rate of the service we provide. The objective of our marketing strategy is for the RADA brand to become a household name throughout South Africa in the medium-term and globally in the long-term. Even at the very early stages of brand conception, we have the endorsements of some of the top selling musician artists in South Africa and leading food outlets – all of whom bought into the concept wholeheartedly and recognise the dire necessity for a large scale execution of the RADA initiative.

In summary, we consider ourselves an international outfit that provides a world class service and with your help we intend to bring RADA to ALL.

Use of funds

The initial capital funding will be used on infrastructure and staffing requirements. All funds received and usage thereof will be audited.

Funding requirements

It is estimated that one facility will cost R20 million if we had to start from zero-base in terms of land and building costs. However, our short-term goal is to identify potential synergies with other organisations – both private and government – that RADA may leverage off from rather than reinvent the wheel through the construction of large centres around the country. It may be possible that disused buildings suitable for renovation OR vacant land in appropriate areas could be available for donation or at cost. The quicker we are able to establish a facility the quicker we will be able to expand on the services we are already providing to people in need.

We believe RADA is a viable business venture

This includes RADA Unearthed designed to identify fresh musical talent, the creation of the RADA Unearthed CD, featuring a compilation of top SA artists (released in June 2016), RADA Jewellery (which offers a great income stream for RADA and for students wishing to earn additional money while studying), and RADA Pizza (A well-known Pizza Chain is creating a RADA pizza on their menu and the proceeds will be added to RADA’s funding programme). We are also in the process of creating RADA T-Shirts. RADA will constantly be on the lookout for other methods and create fresh innovative ideas to generate income. We believe that giving is a two way approach. We offer the products that will make people feel good about themselves in return for a fund that contributes to the helping of others.