RADA Feeding Project

RADA Feeding ProjectThe RADA Feeding Project provides assistance to existing farms to enable them to provide food for their community

What type of assistance does the RADA Feeding Project provide?

It provides the necessary resource(s) to empower farmers to better utilise their land and/or skills in order to achieve common goals.

Which communities are earmarked for the RADA Feeding Project?

The project is set to launch in Orange Farm. Once the project has been established, the footprint will be extended to other areas of Gauteng and thereafter throughout South Africa.

What is the purpose of implementing the RADA Feeding Project?

The purpose is to empower a community by assisting them in creating a sustainable source of food that is designed to produce a significant crop yield. Together with the community RADA intends to create much needed employment opportunities and a self-sustaining financial model that will secure the continuity of the project for years to come.

What makes the RADA Feeding Project different?

We empower people to feed themselves and their community rather than simply providing them with food. The aim is to build a sense of achievement and a culture of self-sustainability within the community, whilst promoting the development of entrepreneurial skills including the creation of employment opportunities.

Usizo Thuso Community Care Centre

Usizo Thuso is a farming Community Care Centre situated in Ennerdale, south of Johannesburg.  The NGO is largely focused on education and agriculture.

They run an afterschool program for the youth living in the area providing them with facilities to search for jobs and assistance in gaining employment.  The younger children go to the center to do homework where a mentorship program is in place to provide guidance with any issues they may be facing at school or at home.

Usizo Thuso grows its own crops for the community on the farm, which is on the same site as the after-school program. The farm consists of approximately 250 acres; however not all of the available space is used due to a lack of physical resources.

RADA has been supporting this farming project since the end of 2018 as part of the RADA Feeding Project under RADA CARE.  Food parcels are given out to the children to take home every month. RADA has also provided the center with clothing, blankets, books and a farming plough which was purchased for them by RADA.

It is RADA’s aim to assess and assist Usizo Thuso Community Care Centre where possible with the support of corporate and individual sponsors.

Our Wishlist:

  • Stationary
  • School uniforms
  • School shoes

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