What is RADA Inspire?

RADA Inspire is a campaign that was launched to encourage the citizens of South Africa to inspire both themselves and others through a rigorous campaign over ten consecutive months. The campaign revolves around improving our communities and the way in which we interact with one another. The initiative will introduce a new theme every month, addressing major issues we face on a regular basis.

What is the Aim of RADA Inspire?

RADA Inspire aims to create a whole new level of awareness and on-the-ground engagement. At the heart of it RADA Inspire is about marrying action with awareness, moving inch by inch and making a difference in people’s lives one day at a time. It is based on the premise that one person can make a difference and that when you change yourself your energy resonates, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

How can you get involved?

You don’t have to be exceptional. You don’t have to exert yourself beyond your means. In the end, all it takes is to do one small thing differently, empowering others with the belief that they may do the same. Consult our RADA Inspire campaign page each month to keep informed about each theme and find suggestions on how you can also make a difference.

RADA Inspire Final Campaign Mixed:

Listen to what the RADA Inspire Artists have to say:

A Change in Perspective:

September: Be Calm Keep it Local!

On 24 September 2018, South Africans across the country are encouraged to come together and celebrate their cultures and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions.

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August: Stand up For Women’s Rights!

Women and children have always played an important role in the work that RADA does and are large in part reason RADA was formed.

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July: Keep Calm and Break Bread!

Over the last four months, RADA has made significant strides in shifting people’s perspective when it comes to various social issues.

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June: Keep Calm and Celebrate Family!

n March 2018, RADA launched the RADA Inspire campaign with the aim of shifting perspective across various social issues and creating a level of self-awareness among people.

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May: Bullying Awareness month

Two months into the RADA Inspire campaign and the team at RADA are already spreading their web of influence, initiating positive change across the South African community.

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April: Service Industry Worker Awareness month

It is often said: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” But how often do you implement this in your daily life?

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March: Taxi and Road Awareness month

RADA will be undertaking an unprecendented ten-month social campaign and needs your help to do so.

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