What is RADA Unearthed?

RADA Unearthed is a project established to support the musical arts, which includes aspiring singers, songwriters and already established artists.

We are a professional operation with a strong work ethic that has more than 30 years’ experience in the music and events industry. We are dynamic, fresh and versatile and continuously on the look-out for that cutting-edge talent.

What does RADA Unearthed offer?

RADA Unearthed offers a full solution to an artist ranging from a state-of-the-art recording studio with a full marketing package including media content, through to organising world class live events and festivals.

We build close relationships with artists and strive to walk the musical journey together.

What is the aim of RADA Unearthed?

The aim is to support and promote new music, share messages of inspiration through the music and create opportunities to highlight the work that RADA is doing in communities.

We intend to fundamentally change the face of South African music in the way it is perceived, packaged and delivered to South Africa and to the rest of the world.

What is the Vision of RADA Unearthed?

To create a platform that will enable all artists to express their passion with the aim to inspire, motivate and ignite emotions through the pure love for music.


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