RADA Life-Skills Training Project

What is the RADA Life-Skills Training Project?

The RADA Life-Skills Training Project provides practical skills to assist people in handling life’s various challenges.

What type of Life-Skills does RADA Life-Skills Training Project offer?

The skills trained range from resilience skills, sexual reproductive health awareness, anger management, CV writing, personal budgeting, to work-readiness skills (i.e.: the skills that prepare a person to seek or obtain employment and to keep their jobs once they are hired). Each module created is there to address a particular need for the individuals on the program and designed specifically to assist them in their own life circumstances.

Which individuals are earmarked for the RADA Life-Skills Training Project?

All individuals are earmarked for the RADA Life-Skills Training Project. The RADA Life-Skills Training Project works closely with all other RADA CARE initiatives and the RADA Training Academy. Working through RADA Training Academy the RADA Life-Skills Training Project offers ongoing post training support, mentorship, additional interview preparation training and CV writing skills. Currently a training has been created for the RADA Patrollers Project which focuses on resilience skills and anger management and for the RADA Adopt-a-Home Project that gives varying life-skills training dependant on the children’s ages and what their needs are at that time. These range from basic safety skills, HIV awareness, sexual reproductive health awareness and work readiness skills. All RADA Life-Skills trainings are subsidised by the RADA Training Academy.

What is the aim of the RADA Life-Skills Training Project?

The aim is to offer practical everyday life-skills to individuals who may not have a positive role-model or the support structure to learn these skills. By empowering individuals through knowledge, we aim to give them a better chance to improve their life circumstances. The life-skills may focus on emotional support and or practical support such as budgeting and how to write a CV.

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