Volunteer – Become a RADA Angel

It has been said:

All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.

Volunteering for RADA gives you the opportunity to associate with an organisation that is changing the face of South Africa through meaningful and effective action to combat the numerous elements that RADA focuses on.

Join our dynamic team where everyone is involved in differing ways, affording each one an opportunity to contribute and make a difference. At RADA we are passionate about working towards a better, healthier world to live in.

Many clichés may be quoted to inspire people to act and take note of the crisis we face on a daily basis.  Simply put, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to take a hard look at the country we live in …we can no longer expect the change to come without action, we have to protect our future generations and start making serious changes to the way abuse is perceived, handled, recognised and healed …not only in our respective countries, but the world.  It affects us ALL. We need not stand tall, but we must stand up and protect the human spirit.


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