Mayfair Outreach Care

Mayfair Outreach Care runs a feeding programme which is situated close to Brixton in the inner city of Johannesburg.  The Non-profit Organisation was started by Pastor Willie Dengler in 1985 when he identified a desperate need for support in the community amongst the children, many of whom live in homes where drug and alcohol addiction is rife.

The feeding programme is committed to distribute monthly food parcels to 130 vulnerable families.  In addition, every Friday, meals are served to 300 people from the area which includes the community members from the Joe Slovo informal settlement situated close to the centre.  On Sunday mornings a further 300 meals are provided to the children from the community.

The primary objective of the feeding programme is to break down social barriers between cultures and religions, creating an environment where everyone is welcome.  The spirit of inclusion cultivates positivity and kindness within the Mayfair community.

There are currently five staff members working for the feeding programme.  Mayfair Outreach Care (“the Centre”) relies on funds and food donations from individuals and corporates to keep the feeding programme operational.

RADA was introduced to the centre in December 2022.  Subsequent to visiting the Centre and meeting the staff, RADA decided to provide the feeding programme with monthly support. With the help of sponsors, we will continue to assess and assist with the needs of the Centre and the community it serves.

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